The Most Disturbing Films Ever Made: The Human Centipede

For a movie about an insane German doctor who sews several captured tourists mouth-to-anus, “The Human Centipede” is surprisingly not very graphic.  There aren’t many stomach-churning visuals or graphic dismemberments, most of the gore takes place off-screen and is more implied than shown.  

Which is precisely the point at which your imagination kicks in and has the following train of thought:  ”Wow it would really suck to have my mouth pressed up against someone’s asshole for the rest of my life.  I guess I would have to eat their feces.  I feel like this movie is trying to do something with eroticism but I’m just not picking up on it.”  

Then reality grinds to a halt and you realize someone conceptualized, wrote, directed, financed, made costumes and effects, and distributed this movie.  That means that many people spent the better part of a year going to work every day where they strapped three actors together mouth-to-anus and were dead serious about it.  

That is much more disturbing than any torture porn this movie could have been.

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