Must-Have Item of the Day: Leon The Professional Action Figure

Leon here—from “The Professional” fame—is made by Enterbay. The stunningly realistic 12-inch action figure is due out next month and will go for about $225 bucks (professionalism don’t come cheap).

I pray to God that Enterbay stops here and doesn’t make a Natalie Portman as Mathilda figure, though…not because I wouldn’t want one—I would, even more than Leon here—but knowing the kind of evil men could and would wreak upon a stunningly realistic 12-year-old Natalie Portman toy would keep me from ever getting a sound night’s sleep again. Best just not to have the option, really.

Oh, there’s a pic of the zillion accessories Leon comes with below, if you’re interested. Yes, he has the plant.

P.S. I hope they also come out with the Gary Oldman as Stansfield action figure…

“I like these calm moments before the storm.” Gary Fucking Oldman, ladies and gentlemen.
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