“I Am Catwoman, Hear Me…Yawn?”

Looking like any random sorority girl going to a Halloween party in a DIY Catwoman costume she made in 10 minutes using a cat ear headband from Girl Shoppe, a Zorro mask from Toy Kingdom, her auntie’s old Wilson’s leather jumpsuit and pleather boots she bought in Divisoria, Anne Hathaway made the alley pussies purr out a “meh” when she hit the set of  “The Dark Knight Rises” with Christian Bale and Gary Oldman in Downtown L.A. yesterday.

If you’ve got a cat in heat that is keeping you up with her midnight calls for pussy dick, don’t reach for the Q-tip, just show her these pictures instead. Bitch’s pussy will go from hot to cold in zero seconds. This is the opposite of cat scratch fever.

We’ve only seen pictures of Anne in Selina Kyle drag, so I know it’s unfair of me to say that her Catwoman will be about as sexy as the sight of my dog nibbling on a litter box cat cookie, but have I ever been fair? I mean, if this bitch came at you in a dark alley, the first thing you’d say would be: “Why is Batgirl meowing?”

I know Christopher Nolan is going for a Julie Newmar look, but I’ve always been told that when you want a Julie Newmar look, you should just get Julie Fucking Newmar herself. Even Batman can’t take this sad mess seriously…

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