The MTV VMAs: Lady CaCa Is One Ugly Dude

Looking like a young Ray Romano’s failed audition for the Dustin Hoffman role in “Midnight Cowboy,” Lady CaCa busted into a way too long high school drama class monologue at the beginning of the VMAs.

You probably assumed she couldn’t get any less attractive, but then she went and brought back her “Jo Calderone” persona. She’s so ugly that when I saw her go on stage I literally died for 3 minutes.

For once, Brit Brit’s heavily medicated face said it all so I didn’t have to:

Britney is either wondering why she’s the one with a conservator and can’t even wipe her possum poon without a handler standing over her to hand her a court-appointed piece of toilet paper, or she’s wondering why the Middle Eastern mechanic she huffed freon with during her gas station hopping days is on stage at the VMAs.
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