Singin’ In The Rain

Programming Note: This will probably be my last post of the day, because I’m driving to the City of Springs in a few hours to do some Driving Miss Daisy shit. It’s my baby’s birthday so I have to chauffeur her around while she yells at me to not drive so fast and to count to 5 at every stop sign before hitting the gas. I’ll be doing this for the next 2 days. Fun!

I’m leaving early since I’ve been told that the highways are full of Apocalypse-ready hos marching towards the safe lands. I know, perfect timing, especially since my apartment is in a mandatory evacuation zone. I’m taking my iPad, the only t-shirt I wear and saying a prayer that Typhoon Mina doesn’t break my favorite new bong. But anyway, fuck that bitch Mina…Los Baños, Laguna here I come!

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