It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Superman’s Penis!

More pictures from the set of the increasingly homoerotic “Superman: Man Of Steel” found it’s way online today, and you probably can’t tell from the scenes below, but Superman is in a fight with a dude for the rights to use “manofsteel69” as profile name on

Who cares if Superman looks like he gets a blowout at the same place Bruno Mars gets his every morning?

Who cares if Superman washed his signature period panties in the his bathroom sink, hung them up to dry on the towel rack and forgot to put them on before he flew out the window?

Who cares if that suit was made from the blue perforated leather loafers I had as a kid that made me look like an old priss queen on a cruise to Italy?

Who cares if he’s probably wearing a muscle suit underneath that shit made from a mold of Madonna’s biceps and Jada Pinkett’s twelve-pack?

Who cares that it’s taking me four ‘Who Cares’ to say that it’s all about the “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s happy to see you!” bulge!

That bulge should be wearing a little red cape and flying hos in distress to safety! That bulge should get a spin-off!

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