Fuck You Officer...Literally!

A New Mexico State Police officer was recently caught on camera sexually serving (and hopefully protecting) on the hood of a car while in uniform

A camera that was set up at Santa Fe County Ranch to catch taggers instead caught the officer reading a trick’s chocha her rights with his peen. The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office put the officer on leave while they investigate to see if he broke any laws.

According to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, it was not immediately clear if any laws had been violated, but the officer in question—who has been put on leave—will face an internal investigation.

Three things:

1. I hope she got out of her speeding ticket, because that would be some wrong shit if he handed her one while she was cleaning her coochie with Handy Wipes.

2. Can’t he just say that he had reason to believe she hid a dime bag up her cooze and he is so devoted to getting the bad shit off the streets that he performed a cavity search with his drug-sniffing dick?

3. Whatever happens, Officer McSlutty and his ho should be proud that they made a horny blogger’s day. 

So kudos to this dedicated officer of the law who told a ho to raise her labia where he can see them before pulling out his baton and performing an internal investigation on the hood of her car! 
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