The Baseball Thief

In this educational clip, a minion from the dark side demonstrates to those interested how to get into The Greedy Evil Bitch Hall of Fame in 3 quick and easy steps:

1. Allow the thought of stealing a baseball from a child to enter into your mind.

2. Make that thought come to life by stealing a baseball right out of a child's hands thus killing her dreams for the day.

3. Celebrate crushing the spirit of a child by high-fiving your friend and letting out a victory cackle that makes Satan’s horns tingle.

There you go! Even I let out a quick laugh, which means I’m totally in the running to join The Mean Evil Cunt Hall of Fame next year!

And you know what they say: Break a mirror, you get 7 years of bad luck and break a child’s heart, you get 7 years of being on Cruella de Vil’s holiday card list.

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