Pull For The Dallas Mavericks

Pull for Dallas because Dirk Nowitzki deserves this title more than anybody else on the floor, more than LeBron James, more than Dwyane Wade.

Pull for Dallas because its best player, Nowitzki, has a torn tendon in his left middle finger now and yet never once blinked when we asked if he’ll keep playing.

Pull for Dallas because it’s not about The Decision. It’s about one team taking the easy way to a title (Miami) and another team taking a way that just keeps getting harder (Dallas).

Pull for Dallas because it doesn’t do pre-championship celebrations. Dallas has this crazy notion that you should actually hold the trophy in your hands before you throw the parade. Wouldn’t it be nice to give them one?

Pull for Dallas because Nowitzki didn’t try to win a title the new way, didn’t pick the best kids on the playground and take on everybody else, didn’t get a bunch of super-human friends and schedule himself a ring, like you might your birthday party.

Pull for Dallas because Nowitzki has this crazy idea about trying to win one the old fashioned way, by getting better.

Pull for Dallas because Nowitzki stayed with his team, never took his talents anywhere but to the damn gym every day.

Pull for Dallas because when you ask Nowitzki why he didn’t bolt the way everybody else does, he simply says, “Because this is where my heart is.”
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