Meg Ryan & Me

I couldn’t sleep last night so I watched the movie “In The Cut” on DVD with Tita Vicky. The erotic thriller is based on the best-selling suspense novel by Susanna Moore.  

Set in New York City, the film is centered on Meg Ryan’s character, a middle-class English teacher. One night she accidentally witnesses a sexual situation involving a suspected killer, which may make her valuable to a police investigation. But the question on everyone’s mind that night was: WHAT HAPPENED TO MEG RYAN’S FACE?

Well, I’m not exactly sure WHAT happened, but I do remember WHEN it happened. It was sometime during the filming of “Proof of Life,” the movie she made with Russell Crowe. It was like she went to the Vicky Belo Botox Camp. 

I remember leaving the theater with my buddy Clyde and he was almost distraught about it—he was reacting the same way he did when the Lakers traded away Shaq. It was a sad day for both of us.

Then again, if every day of your life, a dozen people a day told you how much they loved your fake orgasm scene in “When Harry Met Sally,” your face would suffer, too.

In any case, Meg’s new look has opened the door to many new roles. LIKE PLAYING A MUPPET.

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