Meet The Woman With The Largest Breasts In The World

For 12 long, and I mean REALLY LONG years, 52-year old Annie Hawkins-Turner has been a Guinness World Record holder for possibly the most important triumph in the history of womankind–she has the largest breasts in the world. 

Known to the adult film industry–and probably one awesome chiropractor–as Norma Stitz, this record holder is no secret to the world. But I had no clue who she was, so it’s news to me.

She recently appeared on “This Morning,” a magazine show in England, to reveal that her gigantic 102ZZZ breasts weigh in at 56 pounds each. But more impressive than that is her incredible film work:

Norma’s First Home Video #1
Norma Stitz Swings to the Beat #13
Norma Stitz and Her Bra #14
Norma Stitz the Giant #24
Norma Stitz Wakes Up Wet and Ready #27
Norma Stitz Smokes; Norma Stitz @ 295 lbs. #33
Norma Stitz /Japan/ Guinness Books of Records #36
Norma Stitz The Unusual Maid #39

What would be unusual about a maid with 112-pounds worth of chesticles? Well, except the post-workday search, of course. I’ve also included a clip of a very special cameo she made in one of my favorite movie genres, zombie horror:

You know, I’ve received some negative feedback in the past when I’ve posted about world records as a form of sports competition. I’m just hoping that we can end that debate today, because I can’t name anything much more athletic than carrying around two 56-pound mammary machines for at least 12 years.

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