It’s Friday Magic Madness!

Ahhh the good ol’ days: Madonna was still hot, Star Wars was still cool, Miami Vice was must-see TV, Air Jordan was at the peak of his powers and Sting was God—good times, good times.

This song always reminds me of wild Friday nights with my best bud Clyde, a pitcher of Zombie each at Tia Maria’s before heading off to Faces Disco.

Decked out in Ray-Ban Wayfarers, preppy-style Ralph Lauren Polo shirts, Sperry Top-Siders and obscene amounts of Aqua Net hairspray, we were the baddest-looking mofos in the place. And on the dance floor? Fuggedaboutit! We fucking RULED: the Running Man, the Electric Boogaloo, the Moonwalk, the Jackrabbit…nobody could touch us!

Truly, the 80’s was the best decade to grow up in. We had Michael Jackson in his prime, the birth of compact discs, TV’s with turn dials and that little dot in the center when right after you turned it off, Star Search, and our fashion sense was non-existent! In order to be successful in the music business you had to have “funky fresh” dance moves and/or ugly haircuts, and at one point, fat rappers were all the rage.

So if you ever wore socks with multicolored stripes, LA Gear, or a Pop Swatch, if you remember all the names of the 21 Jump Street characters, or if a VCR or cassette player chewed up your favorite tape, then give your opinion on why you believe the 80’s was the best decade ever.

P.S. Thanks for the mammaries guys and gals :)
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