How To Guilt Your Facebook Friends Into Never Un-Friending You

The thought of getting all 192 profile pictures of your Facebook friends tattooed into your arm sounds like some kind of shit that would be the star of The Museum of Shitty Tattoos. But after watching this video of a woman doing just that, I have to admit that it doesn’t look like a yearbook page that was printed out on a sheet of thin skin from a faulty inkjet printer. It actually looks pretty good!

If I was ever to fulfill the number 2 item on my cum bucket list by getting my first crush (She-Ra: Princess of Power) tattooed in glitter on my Orko (80s nerd talk), I’d get this tattoo artist to do it!

And I wonder if Miss Facebook Sleeve asked all of her 192 friends for permission before she did this shit? If she did, I’m disappointed in all of them! Not because they agreed to get their faces permanently inked into their friend’s arm. But because they didn’t screw with her by immediately changing their profile pictures to a Blue Waffle before she went under the needle. 

Don’t know what a Blue Waffle is? Click here to find out.
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