CROCS Are Evil

CROCS are the heinous rubber foot mitts made from the crusty dildos of Lucifer’s sex slaves in the darkest dungeon in Hell!

CROCS are not only the fugliest things ever created by human hands, but they are also hazardous to your health (click here for details)!

CROCS are destructive eyeball killers that have brought so much fugness to this planet and should be sent back to the fiery depths of Hell where they were born.

GOD should recycle all these plastic vagina shoes into something the world needs more of: DILDOS!

Seriously, I don’t want a shit load of whores to lose their jobs, so I have an idea. Obviously, the people of the world have stepped out of the fug cloud and decided they no longer want to degrade their feet with that trash, so CROCS has to change things up. They already have all that plastic, so the obvious move is to get into the DILDO business!

IN THIS ECONOMY, almost everyone is getting fucked, so we might as well get fucked with a bright, shiny rod of plastic.

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