Awesome People Hanging Out Together Will Give You Party Envy

I’m not sure what time travel method I’d use to get to the time and place in each photo, but I do know once I got there, IT WOULD BE ON…assuming a bunch of talented A-listers in their prime would want to hang with some random dude from the future.

Keith Richards and a quart of Jack plus Tina Turner, Bowie, and a bottle of wine. Who ya got?
Jack Nicholson, Lauren Bacall & Warren Beatty: These three can still out-party you in 2011.

Shirtless ping-pong isn’t gay when it’s with Butch (Paul Newman) and Sundance Robert Redford).

Frank Sinatra had Elvis and Fred Astaire finger the most likely snitch in the group.

Neil Patrick Harris & Christina Hendricks: Fabulousness overload.

I don’t know what city Keith Richards, James Brown, and John Belushi were in, but I do know it ran out of drugs.

Eartha Kitt and James Dean taking Katherine Dunham’s dance class.

And finally, if there’s a photo anyone wants to party with more than Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack, Johnny Depp and a blow-up doll, it better involve Blake Lively’s cleavage, a unicorn, and Robocop.

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