Why The RH Bill Is Pro-Life

I can’t understand why so tame a thing as the RH bill—it’s pro-contraceptives, not pro-abortion—should face rough sailing in this country.

Those opposed to the bill of course call themselves “pro-life,” which by implication suggests that those who favor contraceptives are pro-death. Half the time, it’s not just a suggestion; it’s an open accusation. People who endorse or use contraceptives, the “pro-lifers” argue, are killing the unborn child.

RH demands that you produce a child with love, with laughter and with the ability to give him a life other than sleeping the sleep of the damned in sidewalks with the vapors of glue or cough syrup seeping from his mouth. That is being concerned with life. That is being passionate about life. That is being pro life.

At the very least, it is about the life of reason. The Church’s strenuous opposition to the RH bill, along with not altogether vague allusions to where the faithful are headed in the afterlife should they be faithless in this regard, must suggest that we haven’t really advanced all that far from Jose Rizal’s time.

We still have to contend with the friars and their teachings that the sun revolves around the earth, that the faithful are loved by God when they are docile and obedient and do not think, that they, the friars, are God’s appointed representatives on earth, God himself being despotic, petty and jealous. We still have to contend with a culture, or thinking, that is so abortive of thought, so abortive of freedom, so abortive of life.

RH asks that you use contraceptives so you can have babies only when you want to. That is being responsible, that is being human, that is being—if you are a Christian, devout or not—God-fearing.
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