The Shallow Man Movie Review: Scream 4

Scream’s brand of horror, which lampooned the slasher genre while simultaneously embracing it, was fun and breezy in 1996. In 2011, it’s about as fresh as the whiff of something stale and rank from a crypt.

While the original “Scream” was snarky, insightful, and sorta cool, “Scream 4” is an aging hypocrite with delusions of insight. Sure, it’s better than “Scream 3,” but so are most things.

I, personally, cannot recall the last time a film insisted on its own pointlessness with quite this much ferocity. If you ask someone “What’s your favorite scary movie?” and they answer “Scream 4,” THEY ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE.

If this proves to be the last in the series, it’s a bloody shame it ended not with a scream but a whimper. Yes, it’s time to lay Ghost Face to rest.

Grade ★ out of 5 stars
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