Bon Voyage Clyde!

The rats of Makati City are aimlessly wandering the streets today, wondering whose ears they will nibble cheese out of in the middle of the morning now that their all-you-can-eat buffet Clyde Vasquez has been exiled to the US for 2 long months!

Never mind the rats, whose whiskey veins are alcoholic mosquitoes going to suckle on when they need an always reliable buzz?! And what about the bed bugs who holiday in the pools of grease on Clyde’s scalp? The future of Makati’s entire ecosystem is at stake here!

Well, the least thing airport officials can do is to provide Clyde with tubes of creamed coffee grounds and alley cat bile to keep his teeth as yellow as the butter lube Nigella Lawson slathers all over her cream pies. Clyde without yallaw teefs is like the sun without shine :(
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