Araneta Center’s Back-To-School Survival Tips

Summer’s over! As the monsoon rains begin to pour on the metro, parents and kids are gearing up for yet another school opening.  Reports reveal that for school year 2011-2012, there will be about 26 million students trooping back to school. Small wonder, because for most Filipinos, getting an education is the sure-fire way to get out of the economic doldrums.

However, this is also the time that stresses out the parents and the kids. Parents worry about the tuition and the other essential school stuff they have to buy for their kids. Kids worry about how their parents can afford to buy them not only the basic things, but also the nice and quality stuff. You can’t blame them. There is such a thing as peer pressure while comparing your bags, shoes, uniform when school starts.

Still, there are ways to handle this challenge. Araneta Center Malls respond to this clamor by giving you these survival tips that will not only help you fill the list of school essentials, but also keep your sanity too!

1. Take Stock Of What You Have. Make an objective inventory with your kids on their uniform, books or bags that may still have some wind in them.  Keep an open mind. Choose the ones that you can have altered and list the ones that really need replacement.

2. Seek Out The Sales! Keep your eyes open for super sales in the malls. From May 27 to 31, Araneta Center’s Gateway Mall, Ali Mall and Farmers Bazaar will drop their prices on selected items by as much as 70%! This will certainly boost parents in their budgeting especially if they’re shopping for more than one child.

3. Quality, Quality, Quality. Clothing such as uniforms and undergarments, shoes and bags should be of good quality to last the whole year. Don’t scrimp on these items.

4. Basic Over Trendy. Shoes or bags that are too trendy tend to go out of style. Involve your kids in the decision, but remind them to choose styles that are fun yet classic. Classic designs are not only less expensive, they’re usually more durable.

5. Swap Or Sell. Textbooks can be swapped with parents who have older or younger children. You can also have a garage sale on books and advertise this in your community. Chances are you will find other parents who are out for a bargain or open to trade.

6. Hunt For Promos! You can triple the value of your purchases by taking time to fill out a coupon and dropping it in the raffle box. Araneta Center’s TRIP, TRIP HOORAY gives customers who make minimum purchases of Php500 from ANY establishment to join the raffle that allows a group of four a two weekend vacation in Europe! You can even double your chances of winning if you purchase COKE products in the food outlets. The promo runs until June 19, 2011.

7. Lay Your Cards On The Table. Do not underestimate your kids’ threshold of understanding. Nothing beats being honest with them and telling them exactly how much your budget can allow. You can also give them incentives by promising new stuff when they start raking in the good grades. Just be sure to keep your promise!

School starts in a few weeks. But this early, you can educate your children with the fundamentals of smart shopping for essentials with these survival tips from the Araneta Center Malls–Gateway, Ali Mall and Farmers Bazaar. Remember, head to their Back-To-School Sale from May 27 to 31.
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