2011 World Slasher Cup 2 Hawaiian 8-Cock Invitational Derby All Set

The World Slasher Cup started by Don Amado Araneta in 1962, staged at the sports and entertainment mecca that is the Araneta Coliseum, continues with its record-breaking run after 48 years, as a beacon of light not only for the Philippines, but for the world’s cockfighting enthusiasts.
The semi-annual “Olympics of Cockfighting” hosted by the Pintakasi of Champions returns with the second part of this year’s hostilities on June 6-12, dubbed as the 2011 World Slasher Cup 2 Hawaiian 8-Cock Invitational Derby presented by B-meg Derby Ace with Thunderbird Enertone as major sponsors.
More than 150 top-caliber rooster breeders and cockfighters from no less than five countries are expected to engage each other on a collision course for the title of World Champion.
The first set of competitors competes on June 6 for their 2-cock eliminations while the second set tries to outclass each other on June 7. The 2-cock semis for Group A is on June 8, while Group B meet on June 9. The 4-cock finals for Group A is on June 11 and the ultimate event is on June 12 for the Group B finalist.
All eyes will be 2010 WSC 2 solo champion tandem of Atty. Art de Castro and Eddie Aparri who have been preparing for months for a rare repeat. Equally anticipated is how last January’s perfect-point solo champ Patrick Antonio will perform and if he will be fielding again aces from Joey Salangsang of Gen. Santos City.
Among the confirmed foreign participants as of this time are Roger Roberts (Georgia) , Ray Alexander (Alabama), Kali Casco (Hawaii), Sedfrey Linsangan (Guam), Jorge “Goy” Goitia (California), Zosimo Antivo (Las Vegas), Clarencce Perkins (Kentucky), Carol Nesthmith (Oklahoma), Greg Berin (Australia), Jorge Torres (California), Zaldy Sandoval (California), Tony Ang (Taiwan), Chris Casilan (Hawaii), Rodel Costales (California), Jeff Hudspeth (California), Randy Hall (Texas), Tyrone Kennedy (Alabama), Mike Formosa (Hawaii), Peter Uren (Australia), Martin Barla & Jose Carcillar (Chicago) and Martin Barla (Chicago).

A big part of the field is comprised of U.S.-based Filipinos who are remotely maintaining gamefowl farms here in the Philippines and continuously sending into the country top-rated breeding stocks from some of the world’s most renowned rooster-raisers such as Johnny Jumper, Bruce Barnett, Dink Fair, Carol Nesmith, Larry Romero, Brad Padgeth, Roger Roberts, Carl Perkins, Mike Formosa, Jason Campbell, Allen Hinds and Speedy Gonzales among others.

For further details, interested parties may contact the Araneta Coliseum at 9113101.
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