Presenting The Gorgeous Ladies Of Denny’s (G.L.O.D.)

Denny’s should really hand out helmets at the door and charge a cover, because not only do you get a stack of pancakes and rubbery eggs, but you also get a glamorous brawl show featuring the country’s finest ladies of sophistication.

This clip shows three messes partaking in America’s favorite pastime: brawling at a fine dining establishment!

The narrator fails to provide us with the reason for why these three gutter glitter goddesses are making humanity proud by acting the fool while in the presence of delicious pancakes. Maybe it was because they all showed up wearing outfits that have seen better days on the bodies of early 90s Fly Girls?

And you always know a chair is about to get murdered when a ho gets fighting ready by hiking up her skirt and freeing up her thighs.
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