Miley Cyrus’ Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Miley Cyrus is a joint creation between Disney and Silicon Valley to keep the annoying art of public camera phone whoring alive and well in the prostitot community, so a million sighs of relief were exhaled out when she returned to Twatter where she belongs!

Miley came back hard by posting this picture along with the note: “Rocking piggy tails for the first time since like 6th grade! I love summer time.” Yes, Miley wants you to pay attention to her “piggy tails” in this picture.

Since when does “piggy tails” stand for side tit, open faced armpit and a tattoo inspired by her Native American roots? BTW, that color in the wind you just saw was from Pocahontas farting her disgust over this.

This tattoo wasn’t an awful decision because it looks like braided pit hair that has migrated south. It was an awful decision, because what is she going to do when Billy Ray Cyrus shows up at her door with the word “dream” tattooed on his tongue?

P.S. Although not quite as hilarious as Hayden Panewhatshername’s misspelled Italian tattoo, but pretty damn close. I can’t wait until these bitches with the poorly placed tats start to age. Kat von D is going to look like Cheetara’s grandmama and Miley’s going to look like raw sewage is leaking from her armpit.
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