But What Does Hugh Laurie Think Of This?

A story about Justin Timberlake going on a date with Olivia Wilde (a.k.a. 2011’s Megan Fox) could put a speed addicted insomniac into a coma, so focus on the photo bomber of my dreams Hugh Laurie when your nose starts to make a beeline for your keyboard. Let Hugh Laurie’s “Why am I the meat in this soggy sandwich?” face perk you up.

So Olivia Wilde’s divorce to that Italian prince dude isn’t yet final, but that hasn’t stopped her from getting on her “Now” costar Justin Timberlake (focusonhughlauriefocusonhughlaurie).

People says that Jessica Biel’s impeccable strap-on game was the last thing on Justin’s mind at The Roxbury in Hollywood on Saturday night. A source says that Justin and Olivia showed up together in matching white t-shirts and jeans. They both drank vodka and “canoodled” in the VIP area. A different source tells UsWeekly that they were obviously on a date and Justin pretty much kept his hands on Olivia all night.

The rumor is that Olivia ended her marriage, because she was bored of tasting the same ole’ Italian peen all time and wanted to sew her wild oats with the pubes of a dozen one-night stands. Basically, Olivia wants to be a certified slut since she never got the chance. Since then she’s been linked to Ryan Gosling and now Justin Timberlake. Olivia just has to reverse her chocha into Gerard Butler, slam the gas into Jude Law and she’ll be right on schedule! Just follow the Sienna Miller map, Olivia, and you’ll be well on your way.

Meanwhile, you probably haven’t read one word of this shit, because you haven’t taken your eyes off of Hugh Laurie. You made the right decision.
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