What In Victoria’s Secret Latex Hell Is This?!

David E. Kelley is doing to Wonder Woman what Halle Berry did to Catwoman. And here’s proof in the form of the first picture of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman in NBC’s remake.

I’ve seen better Wonder Woman costumes at a $3 (1 drink minimum plus 1 ticket for the potato bar) drag show in Queens, New York. From her sad fists to her built-in camel toe to her weak ass rope (made from spray painted pipe cleaners), I just can’t.

This outfit is going to stop bullets, alright. As soon as bullets come flying out of a gun, they are going to pause and laugh at this ridiculousness before falling to the ground. Where is Lynda Carter AND Nanette Medved a.k.a. Darna when you need them?

On a positive note, the new Wonder Woman can totally park her invisible plane between her titties :)
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