What In The Hell Kind Of Goddamn EVERYTHING Is This?

Somewhere in a nursery in the bowels of Hell, one of Satan’s minions is cradling his new spawn while adjusting her crotch-killing C-section panties that look just like the bikini bottoms Ke$hit wore to the beach in Australia yesterday. Who knew that the demon shop workers of the underworld were so skilled at weaving fabric with their claws?

If you want to look like Grandpa Munster working his shit on the cover of Sports Illustrated: Fugly Edition, this is definitely the unflattering bikini for you!

On a related note, a bunch of sharks washed up on shore after committing suicide. The only way this bikini could be any more repulsive is if it had a big rubber dick mounted to the front. And yes, just like Ke$hit’s music, her picture needs more auto-tune.
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