The glory days of the former Crackie of Makati posing nightly for the paps while looking like a cocaine booger that mutated in a puddle of meth pimple pus with a rat’s hairball are long gone.

So we should cherish every single picture we get of Clyde Vasquez out in the wild. These pictures of the Clydester with a napping crackhive on her head and a face free of turd were taken inside some bar at the Fort last Saturday. SO FRESH! SO CLEAN! A fresh and clean Clyde is the light the apocalypse sees at the end of the tunnel.

I’m happy that Makati City’s health department workers no longer have to set fire to the sidewalk whenever Clyde walks around barefoot, but I do miss seeing him looking like a zombie Gargamel. Every now and again, I pull out his pictures from the old days and have a special “they grow up so fast” moment with them.
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