A Subway Spaghetti Fight

Oh, eating on the train…

It’s a gross act that I’ve never done and will never do as long as I can help it. I’ve been drunk and on the verge of vomiting my internal organs out on the MRT when some ho has to pull out a carton of something that is going to take me over the edge. It’s always the last thing I want to smell at that moment. You know, like scrambled eggs, sardine bacon or some other kind of edible barf inducer. 

Sure, I could tell the bitch to close that shit unless they want a side of stomach sauce to go with their meal. But it’s better for me to control the heaves for a few minutes on the train instead of trying to control the heaves while holding a knot on my head in the emergency room after bitch beats my ass. Besides, I try to always abide by the unofficial rule of public utility vehicles: “Mind your business, keep your mouth shut and ride, bitch!”

The lady in the clip above didn’t follow that rule when she threw dirty looks at a girl eating spaghetti on the subway before saying out loud: “What kind of animals eat on the train like that?!” Yup, that pretty much translates into: “Oh, would you please beat my ass?”

You pretty much know what happened next, but you can skip to the 2:30 mark to see spaghetti noodles fly and a fist going into a head.

Everybody in this mess (except for the dude who broke it up) is at fault and AN INNOCENT CARTON OF DELICIOUS SPAGHETTI PAID THE ULTIMATE PRICE! They all need to take a moment to think about their actions. I mean, what if this happened to Marco Polo on the ship bringing spaghetti to America? We wouldn’t have spaghetti today if that happened! They need to think about that! 

Dumb bitches, all of them!
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